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I traveled down to McDowell County, West Virginia yesterday to hold an intense (yet small) workshop for two high school students. Cody and Josh were chosen for the Opportunity Launch program, supported by  Scott Widmeyer and WVU’s School of Journalism. I taught Cody and Josh the basics of what makes a story newsworthy, compelling and the process to research and develop your story. They practiced their interview skills and learned how to use the Canon 5D. I was very impressed with the quality of their work and the amount of dedication they brought to the workshop. Over the next week, we will be working on their video segment and interview with Linda McKinney (featured in Hollow), photo gallery with caption, and press release.

You can download my Storytelling 101 presentation here.

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One thought on “Storytelling 101”

  1. mimic Mullins says:

    These are two really great kids.Cody Addair and Josh baker. Very intelligent. Have known them thru my grandaughter kilie.

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