[app-uh-LATCH-uh] shirts are going fast, get yours today.

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The infection known as [App-a-lay-shuh] has been spreading for decades. It is highly transmittable through the mouth and ears; ignorance is a side effect. Help us fight this disease. Teach people how to properly pronounce Appalachia with this new t-shirt. 

Appalachia Tshirt



  • 100 % Cotton T-shirt
  • Made in America.
  • Printed in Appalachia (Commonwealth Press- Pittsburgh).
  • We only have 100 t-shirts in-stock in four sizes (XS, S, M, L). After those go, we will continue to take pre-orders (for all sizes up to 4X). If you order one of the first 100, your shirt will ship within 7 days with a complimentary postcard.
  • Pre-orders will ship in 3 weeks.

UPDATE: We have sold over half of our stock in 24 hours. We will be making a new order soon, so spread the news so you can get your shirt before we run out!

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2 thoughts on “[app-uh-LATCH-uh] shirts are going fast, get yours today.”

  1. Diana S Phillips says:

    I desperately need one of these tshirts!!! I live in Chicago and constantly battle the “Appa-LAYSHA” pronunciation. I grew up in Wise County, VA. PLEASE tell me you have more!!!

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