TOMORROW: #SheDoesHang Postcast with Kara Oehler

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Join us tomorrow (Wednesday, March 18) at 3pm (EST) on Google Hangout to ask Kara Oehler your questions about tech and storytelling.

The Google Hangout will be broadcasted and embedded on our website and Google+. You will have the option to write-in your questions in the chat window and Kara will answer them live.

Can’t join us for the live chat? No worries, tweet your questions with the hashtag #shedoeshang and we will ask them for you!

LISTEN first & then JOIN us!


ABOUT THE EPISODE: It’s difficult to sum up what Kara Oehler does in a single title. The process quickly turns into a hyphenated chain of words–documentarian-radio producer-tech founder-interactive media producer-entrepreneur-academic. We chatted with the co-founder of Zeega and GoPop–the latter which was recently acquired by Buzzfeed–about her early influences, growing up in the woods of Indiana, starting communities like UnionDocs Collaborative Studio and metaLAB at Harvard, living out of her car to document Main Streets across America, and being a female in the tech and startup world. Come along for the ride, it’s a lot of fun.

ABOUT THE GUEST: Kara Oehler is a radio documentary maker, media artist and co-founder and editor-in-chief of GoPop. GoPop–an app that allows users to communicate with GIFs, photos and videos–was recently acquired by BuzzFeed. Her Peabody award-winning radio work has aired on shows like RadioLab, Marketplace and Morning Edition and her interactive storytelling projects have been exhibited at MoMA and SFMoMA. She is also the co-founder of the interactive platform Zeega, the UnionDocs Collaborative Studio, metaLAB at Harvard, and Mapping Main Street. Previously, Kara was a Film Study Center Fellow at Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study and a Rockefeller Fellow with United States Artists.


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