1 Minute in Appalachia (ongoing)


I filmed these 1-minute shorts while working on Hollow in 2012. The goal was to just simply observe life. During production, I screened some footage from these shorts at community workshops and the feedback I received was shocking. Residents told me they had never seen anyone capture these everyday moments on film/video. These words inspire me to keep filming the seemingly mundane hours of Appalachians in their kitchens, at work or at play. I invite you to take a moment and see Appalachia as it is, not as others want you to see it. I invite you to try to find the similarities in your life to the lives of those living in Appalachia.

I leave you with this quote from Ronald Eller’s Uneven Ground.

“For more than a century, Appalachia has provided a challenge to modern conceptions of the American dream. It has appeared as a place of cultural backwardness in a nation of progressive values, a region of poverty in an affluent society, and a rural landscape in an increasingly urban nation.

We know Appalachia exists because we need it to exist in order to define what we are not. It is the ‘other America’ because the very idea of Appalachia convinces us of the righteousness of our lives. The notion of Appalachia as a separate place, a region set off from mainstream culture and history, has allowed us to distance ourselves from the uncomfortable dilemmas that the story of Appalachia raises about our own lives and about the larger society.”



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